About Me

My name is Laura, and I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, Alex, plus our 2 pugs, 10 chickens, 6 rabbits. I try hard to balance my job and my real life- and I don't always win. This blog is where I share my stories, observations, recipes and hopes for the future. I'm a firm believer that sustainability and food integrity starts at home, so you'll often find content here about that, as well. 

I strive to create accurate and compelling content that engages my readers, while staying true to my voice and my values. I also maintain the Acorn and Thistle page over on Facebook, where my readers and I interact daily. 

About Acorn and Thistle

I started Acorn and Thistle in 2013, while I was still working full time. Things have changed since then; in April 2014 I lost my job, and am working to make this blog and freelance writing my next career. If you see content on here that you would like to use, or if you feel that Acorn and Thistle can help promote your products or brand, please contact me for current availability. I also write custom content, on request, for a reasonable fee. 

We are currently averaging approximately 1200 pageviews per month. (Updated 6/15/14)