Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Links

It's raining today- has been for the past three days, actually- and it's getting under my skin a bit. First, because it's July and this is the one time of year where we're supposed to be able to count on sunshine. Second, this isn't our usual rain... it's been absolutely pouring. This is the kind of rain we usually only see in movies about Seattle, not the misty drizzle we're accustomed to.

On the plus side, my rainbarrels are full again. (One was completely empty on Monday.) Also a plus- I can sit here in the studio with my spinning wheel later on, and not feel guilty about "wasting" any nice weather.
I'm also thinking about baking cookies. In July.

Anyhoo...Here's what caught my eye online, this week:

  • I love portable foods. These Spicy Tuna Cakes from Nom Nom Paleo look like they totally fit the bill.
  • It's pickle time! This giardiniera from Smitten Kitchen is at the top of my to-pickle list. (Yes, I actually have one.)
  • Alex loves using hot sauce. I think I'll make this one for him, from Nourished Kitchen.
  • Have you ever tried saving your own seeds? This article from Hobby Farms has some really good info.
  • A thunderstorm every night? I need to go visit Venezuela
  • (Affiliate Link Alert) There's still time left for fall planting! Cooks Garden is offering free shipping on any order to Acorn and Thistle readers through the end of July. Use Code AFFC74DD when checking out at
What's caught your eye this week? Any recipes, tips or tricks that you want to share with the group? Stop by Facebook and let us know!

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