Thursday, June 26, 2014

Around the Web

- Cherry season is upon us! Here are three ways to take advantage of this early summer treasure:

  • Check out this oldie-but-a-goody from WellPreserved on dehydrating cherries, and the bonus syrup step. It's brilliant.
  • This recipe for cherry bounce looks really good. It's close to how I make it, except that I don't ferment the cherries separately. I let them sit overnight with the sugar, and then add the whisky. So much YUM. 

- If you're still swimming in strawberries, set aside a few to make clafouti...  you can thank me later.  (It also works well with raspberries and blueberries, if you're so inclined.)

- Suncreen. Use it! This article details out the safest choices for you and your family. 

- Natural pest control for the garden. Don’t wait until you have a problem- keep ahead of the nasties, before they get out of control.

- This is a great post on ways to use up some of the excess mint that starts popping up this time of year. 

...and now it's time to get outside! Lots of work to do in the garden, as the warmer temps have weeds sprouting up all over the place. 

So, tell me: what's caught your eye online this week? Come on over to FB and share links to the A&T timeline. I have to moderate outside posts, but I'm always looking for interesting info to pass along. I'd love to hear from you!

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