Thursday, September 11, 2014

Around the Web

Port Gardner Bay, 2011
Sunsets are coming earlier and earlier- we're losing between 3 and 5 minutes of daylight, daily- and I can definitely feel it. I love our extra-long summer days, and I know this is the trade off... but still! And the mornings definitely have that fall chill... the thermometer read 40F when I let the dogs out this morning. All told, it makes this a busy time for folks like me who have lots to do outside, still.

I have taken a little time off from the outside chores, though, to peruse the interwebs-  and here's what I found:

  • This Fig Jam from WellPreserved looks fabulous.
  • An interesting read on another aspect of the local food movement. (Thanks, Val!)
  • Cheers to San Francisco, where leaders are looking to boost the urban farming movement.
  • So long, iPod- it's been fun. 
  • These potato skins look perfect for foodball football season!
  • A rabbit ravioli recipe! Whole Larder Love, indeed. 
  • Brilliant! A fermenting glossary from Phickle. 
  • Beautiful harvest pics from my favorite Matron. I can only hope to have as productive a plot, one day. 
What have you been checking out online this week? 

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