Thursday, September 4, 2014

Links Make the World Go 'Round

Happy Thursday everyone! Oh, and if you're a fan, Happy First Day of Football Season! Go 'Hawks!

I've been running around outside in between rainstorms trying to get things buttoned up for the season. Now, they're calling for sunny days and temps back up in the 80s again, through the weekend. I don't know about you, but 20 degree swings in temperature from one day to the next really throw my system out of whack. I stacked firewood by our back door yesterday, which is going to feel (and look) kind of goofy come Saturday when it's hot out. No harm done, I suppose; at least it's off the list for now- and I needed to make room over in the main stacking area for when Alex brings home the rest of this year's wood, which should be soon.

Here's what's caught my eye online, this week:

  • I was just talking about this the other day, after reading some of the comments after the butchering day posts. (By and large, the comments were very positive- and the overall tone stayed civil. That's awesome.)
  • My dehydrator is packed full of pears and plums, at the moment. Here's a handy reference sheet for drying fruits and veggies, at home. 
  • What the heck? Fake cell phone towers??
  • I use a version of the Deep Litter method in my chicken coop, year-round. Properly managed, it's a clean and efficient way of housing the birds, without all of the fuss of cleaning poop boards daily or emptying out the coop weekly. Here's another article on DLM, from Mother Earth News on it, too. 
  • I love stacking firewood... it's like my own personal game of homestead Jenga. 
  • Does anyone out there freeze kale or other greens? I have a ton of it right now, so I'd like to preserve some for the winter. I've just never tried it, myself. 
  • I know we have a few die-hard cast iron fans among us, so this one's for you! Check these recipes out... the pizza is on my list to try, for sure.
  • As if feral pigs weren't bad enough. (Totally random, I know.)
  • Simple and Beautiful. This photographer sees things in a way I absolutely relate to. 

Well, the morning fog has burned off, so it's time for me to get outside and tick off a few more chores from my list while the sun is shining, but before it gets blazing hot out there. Have a great day, folks!

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