Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Candle Safety Tips

This is nice...

In today's post over at GRIT, I'm sharing an experience we had recently with an out-of-control candle. Here are a few tips to go along with that post:

  • Be sure to place candles (in holders) on non-flammable surfaces such as tile, glass or metal. 
  • Keep lit candles away from walls, towels or curtains- at least 12 inches, to be safe. 
  • Don't burn candles while you're sleeping, or in unoccupied rooms.
  • Keep a saucer or lid handy when burning highly-fragranced candles. If the wax catches on fire, you will need to extinguish it by smothering.
  • Teach your kids and model safe habits with regards to matches, lighters and candles. If you're careless with fire, they will be too.
  • Make sure you locate candles where pets or kids can't knock them over accidentally. 

...this is Not. 
Sure, a lot of this seems like common sense- but as you'll see from my post, things can go wrong even when most of the precautions are taken. (My mistake? Burning a candle in an unoccupied room. Fortunately, the other safeguards kept it from turning into a big problem.)

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