Thursday, May 29, 2014

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Last Year. Hoping for a repeat!
I spent yesterday afternoon in the garden, so I'm a little behind on getting my link list together. Without further ado, however... here you go!

Washington peeps- The Plant Farm up here in Smokey Point is having a huge sale on veggies now through this weekend. I picked up a bunch of really nice veggies yesterday, and pretty much finished planting out the garden- I still have a few seeds left to plant, though. Even if you don't live nearby, they have a lot of really good info on their website, between their blog and various articles. Check them out!

I am so making this tart as soon as tomato season happens here. And, I totally adore Helene's photography.

As always, Marisa has great info- this time, it's how to store that fresh produce from the farmer's market without plastic bags. Excellent!

It's humming bird time at the house! We counted between 6 and 8 birds flying around the feeders the other evening, and at least 3 different species. I found this poster to help us ID the birds, and I've bookmarked the FeederWatch website for future reference. Pretty cool!

I apparently have tomatoes on the brain. Mine are *finally* starting to take off; I put them in the ground about a month ago and it's just not staying warm enough for them to do much. So, I built a little greenhouse of sorts over them, using some stakes, PVC pipe and plastic sheeting- and voila! they're growing again. This post from Roger over at KGI gives me some ideas to ponder before they get too big.

It looks like I might actually get some quince from our tree this year, so I've bookmarked this recipe from the ever-helpful David Lebovitz, just in case. If you have a quince recipe, do share. Please?

What's caught your eye this week? Let me know!

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